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We are a team of experienced EV charge point installers in Chester, who are fully qualified OZEV accredited electricians.

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EV Charger Installation and EV Charge Point Installer in Cheshire.

Based in Cheshire, Costelloes EV specialises in the installation of electric vehicle charging points for home, workplace, and commercial use. Based in Ellesmere Port near Chester, we have a team of local EV charge point installers who are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. We can provide advice on charge equipment and EV charger installation options to help you choose the best solution for you.

  • Electric vehicle charging specialists who partner with businesses and government authorities across the UK.
  • Implementers of affordable charging solutions for customers, staff, and fleets.
  • We work with the leading manufacturers, software providers and industry bodies to provide you with a choice of charging equipment, management system, payment system
  • NEW: EV Charger Leasing - Affordable monthly payment options for the solution you need now.
  • NEW: Online Store with market leading chargers for all locations, personal preferences, and budgets.
  • NEW: Buy now & pay later with PayPal Pay in 3

With more and more drivers switching from traditional petrol and diesel vehicles to plug-in hybrids and fully electric vehicles now is the time to think of installing electric vehicle charging points. Our team of EV charge point installers work throughout Chester, Cheshire, Merseyside and North Wales and are fully approved to install both domestic and commercial rapid EV charge points.

There are a range of grant options available to help cover some of the cost of EV charger installations and we can help you find out more about the most suitable options for your business.

Featured Prodcuts


Solo 3 - 7kW Universal Smart Charger with standard installation


7kw Smart Charger - 5M tether - including standard installation


7kw EV Charger with Hub Including Standard Installation

Easee One

7kw EV Charger with Hub Including Standard Installation


Costelloes EV now offer our EV charger leasing programme, uniquely designed for our customers looking for an affordable EV charging solution.
Our range of installed leased EV chargers can be paid over 3 to 5 years, making it easy for you to acquire the EV charging points you need without a large capital investment outlay.


The payment period can be anything from 3 years to 5 years. 6-month deposit with balance over equal fixed monthly instalments

Pay Monthly

You have a fixed payment each month which helps you budget and makes the upgrade path to new technology simpler in the future

All Yours

At the end of the agreement you own the equipment and have the option to renew the maintenance and service contract.

Leased EV charge points for B2C and public

For retailers or local authorities who are considering a pay-to-charge option, leasing EV charge points is the best option, as this allows them to achieve an almost immediate payback.

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EV ChargePoint Grant (EVCP)

April saw the re-formation of the EVHS grant, targeting specific groups to encourage the installation of home EV charging points for the future of electrified transportation.

Residents in flats and rental properties

will be eligible for £350 grant funding towards the purchase and installation of their EV charging point. To be eligible for the grant funding, residents must have off-street parking and an eligible EV/PHEV.

Landlords and housing associations

will also be eligible for OZEV grant funding; £350 per socket (units that are equipped with two sockets will be eligible for £700 grant funding per unit). A maximum of 200 grant funding applications can be made per year. Although there are no limits on the number of sockets per property, the charging units must be installed across private parking spaces.

Apartment block owners

will be able to benefit from £30,000 grant funding per building - this will be limited to 30 grant funding applications per year. Grant funding will be capped at £500 per parking bay to wire them for future infrastructure, or £850 per parking bay for a working electric vehicle charging point. Apartment blocks must have 5 electric vehicle charging bays with one installed charging point.

Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS)

The WCS grant is currently applicable to businesses requiring electric vehicle charging points for their employees and visitors. Businesses are eligible for up to £14,000 OZEV grant funding with a maximum of 40 sockets per building.

Businesses will remain eligible for the current grant funding, however more groups of businesses will be targeted to benefit from the grant to support the roll-out of the nation’s EV charging infrastructure from April 2022.

Small accommodation businesses

(B&Bs, holiday lets (where employees are present etc)) and registered charities will be able to claim the WCS grant (up to £14,000), allowing employees and fleet drivers to recharge their electric vehicles.

Commercially let property owners

will also be eligible for £350 grant funding per socket, however these will be capped at 100 sockets per year. The parking spaces where the charging points are located must be reserved for future tenants, fleets or employees.

Small to medium business enterprises (SMEs)

will benefit from £15,000 OZEV grant funding per building; they must ensure that at least five of the parking bays are dedicated to electric vehicle charging. Grant funding will be capped at £500 per parking bay to wire them for future infrastructure, or £850 per parking bay for a working electric vehicle charging point. Applicants will be able to claim up to five grants but must have at least one working electric vehicle charging point in place following the first round of funding.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are electric cars cheaper to maintain?

    Electric cars are cheaper to maintain, no oil to change, no gaskets to replace, etc. Electric vehicles are generally more reliable if only because of the fewer moving parts. It means much lower maintenance costs.

  • Manufacturers have already built in precautions so you cannot overcharge, over-discharge, or over heat your electric vehicle.

  • The average cost of charging an electric car at home is just £4 for 100 miles of charge – and you can use the Electric Highway charging points for 30p per kWh

  • Since an electric motor is able to slow itself down, the use of brake pedals is reduced and brake pads and rotors last longer.

  • EVs have far lower carbon emissions than traditional petrol and diesel engines, which means they’re better for the environment. But they can even be zero emission if they’re powered by 100% green electricity. Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEVs) have lower carbon emissions than traditional combustion engines, but they’re not as green as EVs.


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